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Anti-Slip Rug Grippers 🔥4-piece Economy Pack💰

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Anti-Slip Rug Grippers 🔥4-piece Economy Pack💰
Keep your carpet fixed in place using these non-slip rug grippers!

These gel pads offer a strong dual-sided adhesion and a wide triangular design that fits and sticks securely on about every carpet corner. Preventing your rug from constantly shifting, folding and curling onto the floor even as it walks, runs or gets pet zoomies on. It keeps any potential tripping and slipping hazards, especially when you have kids and elderlies at home. Additionally, the grippers are ultra-thin to avoid any awkward bulging and make them more invisible under the rug. The advanced rug grippers are made with a washable, non-deformable silicone that can be reused anytime without loosening stickiness. No worries as the pads can be easily removed on both the carpet and floor with no residual and damages left. Suitable for hardwood floors, laminated floors, marble floors, tiled floors, and concrete floors. You can even use it for your outdoor carpets, including welcome mats. Simply peel-off the protective film from the silicone pad, adhere each piece under the rug corners before sticking it on the floor and done. 

Tired of constant bending and fixing carpet everytime you pass? Fix it instantly with these non-slip rug grippers! 


  • Non-Slip and Non-Curling Grippers
    These 4-piece set grippers feature a powerful dual-sided adhesion that latch impressively to the rug and surface. Keeping your carpet from constantly sliding off the floor or from the annoying corner curling and middle crumpling. Its intense grip is so impressive that you can even walk or run it multiple times without as much as budging. No need to worry anymore with potential tripping hazards as someone walks by your rug, especially for youngsters and elderlies. 

  • Triangular Silicone Design
    Designed in an upgraded triangular structure which allows it to fit nicely on any carpet corners. Moreover, the unique silicone grippers provide larger contact to the surface for better hold. Each piece is also seamless and ultra-thin so it can anchor your carpet flat to the floor while staying completely invisible. You won’t even know that you have them adhered on when you walk over to your rug.     

  • Easy Damage-Free Adhesion
    No more destructive installation or messy glues needed. These gel pads come with self dual-adhesives that let your rugs instantly flat and secured to the ground. Simply remove the protective film from the grippers, align and stick each piece from the corners of your rug that you want to fix. Once done, adhere it to the floor and press it firmly to secure it. 

  • Non-Residual and Reusable
    Made of premium silicone with excellent durability and flexibility that can withstand daily use without deforming or damaging. The gel pads are also non-residual so it can be removed smoothly with no unwanted traces or scratches left behind the floor and carpet. Additionally, they are reusable and can restore stickiness as good as new after rinsing them with water. Ideal when you need to change carpets so you won’t have to constantly purchase more anymore! 

  • Wide Application
    These gel pads can hold perfectly for all types of floor without damaging or leaving residues. Suitable for hardwood floors, laminated floors, marble floors, tiled floors, concrete floors, rubber and more possibilities. You can even use them for outdoor floorings and rugs, perfect for welcome mats and backdoor rugs. 


  • Material:  Silicone gel pads
  • Size: 5 x 10.5cm
  • Color: Black


  • 4pcs / 8pcs / 16pcs of Anti-Slip Rug Grippers 

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