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Cithway™ Multipurpose Garden Weed Puller

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Cithway™ Multipurpose Garden Weed Puller

Take out all unwanted crop invaders in no time only with this multipurpose garden weed puller!

A must-have gardening tool that is specially designed to eliminate all unwanted weed plants from your lawn effortlessly in no time. Featuring a sharpened 4-claw head that can pierce deeply through almost all soil types and effectively pluck out the entire weed and its roots. Allowing you to keep your garden healthy and well-maintained while preventing the nuisance from growing back and stealing nutrients. Suitable for taking out weeds, dandelions, thistles, crabgrass, chickweed and other common garden problem plants. What’s more? This weed puller is light in the hands and it supports a non-slip ergonomic design that boasts maximum control and comfort.  

The multipurpose weed puller offers a two-way usage style to accommodate your different gardening needs and comfortability. You may simply kneel down to remove weeds or hold the handle & stand up for a better leverage to increase range of use while avoiding back strain. Furthermore, this high-performance weeding tool comes with a slim, claw head feature that can be easily maneuvered on wide and tight areas. Perfect for big lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, farms, yards, and even on edges of patios, paths, pavements, and more possibilities. Made of premium, durable materials that promises to accompany you for several years without damaging.

Say goodbye to unhealthy crops or drying soils and pry off nasty lawn weeds with this multipurpose garden weed puller! 


  • Precise, Effortless Weeding Performance
    A handy weed removing tool crafted with sturdy and a sharpened 4-claw head that pierce through soils and pull-out weeds in a swift manner with minimal effort. No worries as it can go on deeply and hold firmly against the neck of the plant to ensure that it can successfully remove the entire weed and roots from the ground. Preventing them from infiltrating and growing back from your lawns and garden that leads them to steal nutrients from crops. Making it the best helper for providing a well-maintained and healthy landscape for your precious greeneries to sprout on. Suitable for beginners, professional gardeners, plant enthusiasts, DIYers, and so on.   

  • Wide Application
    Durable enough to tackle even the toughest of weed and pierce through soft, damp or dried soils. It adopts a slim and flat claw head that can be easily maneuvered on wide lawns, yards, farms, and even tight areas like edges of patios, paths, pavements, and more. The weed remover can be even used for effortlessly digging or for cleaning and taking out dried plants, stones, and such. Lastly, this clever tool is also applicable for eliminating other crops nuisance, including dandelions, thistles, crabgrass, chickweed and other common garden weeds.   

  • Two-Way Use 
    Offers a hand-held designed handle that lets you pry off stubborn weeds from lawns with excellent leverage. Moreover, it comes with a hollowed handle end which enables it to be connected and transform into a lengthened weeder style. The extended design increases the range of its use while also significantly reducing the strain on the operator from the arms and back due to prolonged crouching. Simply prepare any handle with the same diameter from the weeder, connect and secure it with the weeder, and you're all done.   
  •  Ergonomic Design
    Ideally lightweight and is constructed to fit ergonomically on the hands for that optimal control and high-comfort experience. It has a non-slip handle that delivers secured gripping and better leverage even for those with wet and sweaty palms. What’s more? The weed remover device can be used for a prolonged period of eliminating weeds for your large lawn areas without causing hand fatigue, muscle cramps, and other discomfort. It can be neatly stored inside garage, cabinets, and storage bins while still saving more extra space for other gardening tools.    

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality manganese steel with a well-polished finish that boasts impressive weeding and digging abilities. It also promotes high-hardness and wear-resistance that guarantees to pry-off endless growing weeds without damaging them. Lastly, this garden weed puller has a comfortable, ultra-smooth handle to ensure that it can be confidently used anytime with not a single injury. 


  • Material: Manganese steel
  • Length: 27cm
  • Size of the claw head: 4x8.5cm


  • 1 x Multipurpose Garden Weed Puller

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