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Drill-free Cabinet Hanging Rack

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Drill-free Cabinet Hanging Rack

Keep your everyday towels perfectly dry and within reach with this Drill-free Over Cabinet Rack!


Specially designed to mount over doors or cabinets and create an instant hanging storage. Allowing you to neatly organize your daily towels and keeping them dry and cleaned after each use while staying easily accessible. Saving you from the messy piles of crumpled wet fabrics that stashed everywhere your countertops and floors. Both racks have a lengthened feature with an excellent load capacity that can hold even bulky and weighted towels without breaking. Great for hanging hand towels, dishcloths, kitchen towels, bathroom towels, body towels, tea towels, and so on.    

The hanging towel bars are intelligently structured in a space-saving design that fits seamlessly over closed doors or cabinets. It allows you to smoothly open and close anytime without experiencing obstruction or restriction. What’s more? The towel racks come with a padded back foam to prevent causing scratches, dents, or dings even after countless repositions. These towel bars provide a deep hook style so you can simply hang them and stay fixed without requiring any destructive drillings. Suitable for different doors/cabinets in kitchen, bathroom, shower stalls, garage, apartments, condos, dormitories, and such.  

Tidy up your towels and make them ready for use at all times using this universal over cabinet rack!


  • Hook-to-install Cabinet Rack Organizer
    A 2 piece set of heavy-duty hanging bars that can be swiftly mounted over doors or cabinets to create an instant towel storage. It enables you to neatly organize your fabrics after each use while keeping them easily and quickly accessible at all times when needed. Moreover, the rack offers an optimal for your towels for them to stay clean, fresh, and dries rapidly. No more messy crumpled towels everywhere which only build germs, odors, mold, and stay damped. Perfect for hanging hand towels, dishcloths, kitchen towels, bathroom towels, body towels, tea towels, and so on.   

  • Easy Installation
    Supplies a hassle-free installation where you can quickly hang them onto the frame of your doors or cabinets. Saving you from the complicated attachments or damaging drillings and sticky adhesives required. No worries as both included racks are equipped with soft padded foam at the back of the hook. It allows them to be installed and effortlessly repositioned or removed anytime without causing scratches, dents, or dings unlike other products. 

  • Fit-any-cabinet Design
    Provides a compact and discreet hanging storing feature to avoid it from taking up too much space. It is also professionally constructed to fit seamlessly on closed doors. Allowing you to smoothly open or close your cabinets and doors without causing obstruction or any restriction even with the bar on. This handy towel rack has an impressive stability performance that allows it to cling fixed over doors and cabinets. Preventing it from constantly sliding or falling over the floor even as you swiftly open and close doors. This 2 piece rack has an amazing load capacity so you can confidently hand thick and heavy towels without it snapping.

  • Wide Application
    Adopts a convenience-enhancing design and can fit securely over all standard cabinets and doors from 0.8" up to 2 cm thick. Furthermore, it can withstand harsh temperature and environmental conditions, regardless of how hot, humid, or busy the room gets. Suitable for hanging onto kitchen cabinets, cupboards, kitchen doors, bathroom cabinets, bathroom doors, shower stalls, garage doors/cabinets, apartments, condos, dormitories, and more possibilities.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, smooth polished stainless steel material with an exceptional durability and rust-resistant performance. The 2 towel bars can be wiped clean easily and be used for multiple years without breaking, bending, and wearing off. 


  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Size: 23 x 6.2cm (S); 36 x 6.2cm(L)
  • Maximum cabinet door thickness: 2cm


  • 1 / 2pcs of Drill-free Cabinet Hanging Rack

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