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Cithway™ Colorful Spring Toy Set (3PCS)

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Cithway™ Colorful Spring Toy Set (3PCS)

Keep your fur babies healthily fit, engaged, and happy with this stretchable cat spring ball mouse toy!

A 3 piece set of fun elastic cat spring balls with a cute little white mouse toy inside that creates an amazing mouse-like rustle noise. Making the balls more interesting that would surely be loved even by your finicky cat and keep them up and moving. Featuring a springy motion which enables it to be stretched, compressed, rolled, and bounces randomly. Providing your fur baby an excellent interactive-like playtime and endless entertainment even when alone. What’s more? The spring ball mouse toy pack comes in 3 randomly chosen eye-catching colors that allows cats to spot them more easily anywhere. The perfect toy for all cat breeds of any years, including kittens and senior cats. 

This interactive cat ball offers multiple health benefits as they have fun and satisfy their instinctive prey-chasing behaviors. It allows your furry friend to stay physically fit, flexible, and mentally stimulated as they chase, pounce, and play around. Furthermore, this cat toy also serves as a great solution to alleviate their boredom, anxiety, stress, sluggishness, and release build up energy. No worries as it is completely smooth and is expertly constructed with your pet’s enjoyment and maximum safety in mind. Preventing the risk of scratching, cuts, injuries, discomfort, and choking hazard. Made with premium, pet-friendly material that boasts to last years of play time without damaging.    

Give your kitten their needed mental and physical stimulation using this stretchable cat spring ball mouse toy!


  • Fun Interactive Spring Ball
    A unique cat toy featuring an elastic spring ball that cages a cute little white mouse toy inside which can create a real-like rustle sound. It can successfully pique even your most finicky cat’s attention to keep them up and moving as it indulges their instinctive prey-chasing behaviors. Moreover, the ball toy adopts a remarkable springy motion which enables it to be stretched, compressed, rolled, and bounces randomly. Its unpredictable movements offer your furry friend an excellent interactive-like playtime even when alone. Allowing you to confidently leave your cat at home with a sprinkle of endless entertainment to save them from boredom, laziness, and from attacking your furniture!

  • Eye-Catching Colors
    This springy mouse ball toy comes in trendy bright colored spring designs. Its eye-catching hues allow your kitten to help them spot it more easily even the ball’s tiny movements. Making the toy more appealing and amusing for your precious feline for them to effectively play and get curious with it. Furthermore, the spring ball toy supplies a 3 pieces in a pack with different randomly selected colors.

  • Boost Overall Cat Health
    The interactive spring ball toy not only delivers non-stop play, but it also helps in promoting your kitty’s health as they have fun. It adds a layer of excitement for cats and encourages them to move around and satisfy their natural instincts to chase, pounce, scratch, hunt, and so on. Thus, enabling them to maintain their behavior and well being by providing them lots of entertainment and their much-needed exercise. Furthermore, this spring ball also boosts up cat’s mental stimulation as it sparks their natural hunting instincts. Lastly, it acts as a great and safe outlet for your fur babies to alleviate boredom, anxiety, stress, sluggishness, and release their build up energy.


  • Pet-Friendly Design
    This spring rolling ball cat toy is professionally constructed to bring joy and entertainment for your pet while ensuring their maximum safety. It supports an ultra-smooth spring surface for easier rolling and to guarantee that it can be chewed, pounced, and played without harm. Eliminating the risk and worries of your tabby being scratch, cut, injured, and causing unwanted discomfort. The toy can also confidently claw on without getting their nails stuck and damaged. Lastly, it has a small size, but still safe enough to prevent dangerous choking hazard for your pets.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-grade, non-toxic rust-resistant steel wire spring and soft plush that boasts smart technology to create mouse-like rustle. It strikes great durability and quality performance that can resist daily play time for multiple years without damaging, snapping, and wearing-off. Suitable to be played on by all cat breeds that can be enjoyed by all ages, including kittens and senior cats. The perfect gift idea for every cat enthusiast or for your own pet feline.


    • Color: Random Colors


    • 1 x Cithway™ Colorful Spring Toy Set (3PCS)

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