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Stove Counter Gap Strip Cover

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Stove Counter Gap Strip Cover

Don’t let a single crumbs from wedging through the abyss of your kitchen crevice with this kitchen stove counter gap strip cover!

This kitchen gap cover successfully fills up the space between the stove and the counter to provide maximum sealing performance. It acts as an excellent shield to keep off crumbs, spillage, and other tiny food bits from falling deep in the tiny crack while you cook. Saving you from unwanted germs and odor build ups and the troubles of reaching through the stuck food scraps and dried out drips. This strip cover has a unique t-shaped design that can fit snugly and securely to any flat counter and stove spaces. It can be also easily trimmed short according to your sealing needs to avoid any awkward excess strip.  

The stove gap cover boasts an excellent temperature resistance that can withstand a maximum 320°C of heat exposure without damaging. It is not also capable of igniting and burning even near the presence of flame to avoid any accidental fire hazard. No worries as this gap sealing strip can stay stably flat and low-key in place for a more unobstructive and seamless look. Moreover, it strikes a superior anti-dust and smudge resistance that can be smoothly wiped on to remove spillage and residues. You can even remove it anytime and stash it inside the dishwasher for a more thorough, deep cleaning. Made with premium material that can withstand lasting years without wearing-off. 

Keep your gas stove area and counters completely clean and seal all pesky gaps using this kitchen gap strip cover  


  • Maximum Gap Sealing
    A must-have kitchen accessory that is specially designed to be placed in the space between the stove and the counter in a perfect, snug fitting. Providing you an excellent sealing solution to keep all crumbs, liquid spills, and other tiny food bits from falling down deep and getting stuck forever to the pesky gap. Eliminating the risk of unwanted germs or dirt buildups and the troubles of reaching fallen foods through the tight crack. What’s more? This stove top sealing strip offers an unrivaled anti-dust and smudge resistant qualities which allows it to be kept clean and on top condition with just a quick wipe. It enables you to still freely rub on the countertop to clean leftover food mess and sauces or oil spillage after cooking without issues.   

  • Easy to Install and Customize
    This clever sealing strip is crafted in a soft silicone that can be easily trimmed short to be customized to your stove and counter gap fitting. It also adopts high flexibility that can conform nicely and easily to any flat counter and stove spaces. Simply cut the strip first accordingly using scissors, align it to the gap, install the strip, then gently press to secure, and you're done. No more unnecessary tools, complicated installation, or messy gluing needed anymore! The kitchen gap strip can be also smoothly removed any time without leaving damages, marks or sticky residues behind.  

  • Excellent Heat Resistant
    The gap strip cover adopts an amazing high temperature resistance that guarantees to withstand extreme heat from up to 320°C. Preventing it from deformation, melting, cracking, and other damages even when exposed near the heat of the stove and fire every cooking time. Moreover, this kitchen sealing strip can also retain its shape and properties even with fire and it is not capable of igniting and burning to avoid fire hazard. It is dishwasher safe so you can remove and wash it regularly for a much thorough, deeper cleaning. 

  • Reliable Seamless Coverage
    This stove counter gap strip cover has a seamless sealing finish that fits and stays nicely flat onto the gaps to avoid awkward bulging and obstruction. It provides a non-slip, t-shaped feature that can securely hold stably through the tight gap opening. Allowing you to comfortably cook and freely wipe on it without the strip repositioning or getting uninstalled. Additionally, this strip cover is ideally low-key and can complement well on any kitchen counter decor. Available in 4 different color selections, including white, gray, black, and transparent.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest-grade, non-toxic silicone material that packs an exceptional durability and heat resistant qualities. It can perform an endless year of good gap sealing without deforming, wearing-off, and rusting. This stove counter gap strip does not leach any harmful chemicals and it ensures that it can be exposed near with the presence of flame without causing fire hazard.  
  • Material: Silicone
  • Temerature: Maximum 320°C
  • Length:21"/25"
  • 1 x Stove Counter Gap Strip Cover

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