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Non-Sewing Shorten Hemming Tape (4 Meters)

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Non-Sewing Shorten Hemming Tape (4 Meters)

Say no more to unsightly thread fraying and use this non-sewing fabric hemming tape! 

A specially-made fabric tape that can be adhered to neatly fold the ends of your pants and delivers a quick, effortless no-sew hemming. Saving you from the inconvenience of sewing methods and the risk of the fabric fiber fraying or unraveling when cut. Suitable for hemming denim pants, skirts, business suit, school uniform, shirt hem, dresses, jeans, trousers, and so on. Simply cut on the fabric end, fold, cut the tape accordingly and damp it, apply it on the folded fabric, then iron it to secure, and done. Making it a great helper for every seamstress, seamster, beginners, DIYers, elderly, and for emergency speedy repair uses.     

This non-sewing fabric hem tape’s iron-on feature helps to provide a much secured, long-lasting hold to almost all fabric types. It can withstand daily water exposure, washing machine and dryer use without weakening adhesiveness and the hem coming undone. Moreover, the fabric tape is ideally slim and it does not cause skin irritations, itchiness, and other discomfort. No worries as it comes in a 6.56ft length that can be used for multiple different no-sew hemming projects. Made with premium, fabric-friendly material that promises to keep your hem securely folded to prevent thread runs even after several years.   

Make neat, effortless hems in no time with this non-sewing fabric hemming tape!


  • Easy Non-Sew Hemming
    A high-performance special adhesive fabric roll of tape that successfully works by delivering a nice, effortless no sew hemming performance. Allowing it to be adhered at the ends of your pants to fold securely and stick fabric together like a sewn hem to avoid the threads from fraying. Saving you from the time-consuming and hassle of regular fabric sewing that only ends up to run not long after multiple wash and wearing. Simply turn over the pants, precisely cut the edge of the legs part, fold accordingly, damp the tape with water then place it properly on the folded fabric. After that, just iron it to provide a strong, secured hold and you're all good! Ideal for emergency use, quick repairs, beginners, DIYers, seamstress, seamster, elderly, and such.   
  • Ultra-Strong Iron-On Hold
    This clever fabric hem tape supports an iron-on feature which enables it to melt and makes the glue more pliable to stick firmly in a permanent hold. Moreover, it can effectively withstand several washes or exposure to washing machine and dryer without weakening adhesiveness. Eliminating the risk and worries of making the hem of your pants coming undone and the threads running. No worries as it can also hold out against daily wear with no issues unlike with other fabric tape products. 
  • High-Comfort Design
    The pants tape adopts a lightweight and ultra-slim design that you won’t even know it was used for your clothes. Furthermore, this tape hemming method provides a much neater and better effect without the tape causing irritations, itchiness, and other discomfort. It can come into direct contact with any skin-types with not a single scratch, painful scraping or walking with friction. It allows you to confidently rock on your outfit all throughout the day and night with the ultimate comfort experience!    
  • Wide Application
    This non-sew fabric hem tape can hold securely and provide a fine hem-like non-sew stitch to almost all fabric materials. It can be used not only for pants, but also for other clothing that needs hemming or quick, effortless fixes. Suitable for denim pants, skirts, business suit, school uniform, shirt hem, dresses, jeans, trousers, and more possibilities. It comes in an impressive 6.56ft in length that can hem multiple clothing and be used for different hemming projects.


  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, fabric-friendly nylon and polyester with excellent self-adhering abilities and non-sew hemming performance. It promises to give your clothes the perfect long-lasting hold without fraying or unraveling. The non-sewing fabric hemming tape does not contain any damaging materials that can ruin the appearance and quality of your fabric. No worries as it can seamlessly blend through to prevent it from looking awkward or being seen.    


  • Material: Nylon, Polyester
  • Length: 4 Meters
  • 1 x Non-Sewing Shorten Hemming Tape

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