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Multi-functional Fabric Pinking Shear

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Multi-functional Fabric Pinking Shear
Cut the frayed edges at bay using this multifunctional fabric pinking shear!

A must-have scissors for every sewer’s toolkit featuring a unique sawtooth blade that effortlessly leaves a zigzag pattern as you cut. Allowing you to precisely and cleanly cut down all frayed threads in no time and successfully eliminate further fabric damage. This pinking shear can even help in trimming the fabric bulk on seam allowances as well as creating fancy patterned fabrics/paper edges. It has a perfectly weighted design and offers a soft, ergonomic handle with a comfortable finger hole for each side. Providing you a secured, optimized gripping at all times for a much easier, controlled cutting without the nasty hand strains and cramps.  

This handy patterned scissors comes with professionally honed sharp blades that can flawlessly slice through various materials. Great for cutting cloth, linen, leather, cotton, denim, lace, satin and even paper, thin cardboards and so on. You can use it for all of your cutting projects or for adding details and flavors on your fabrics and arts and crafts. Made with high-grade stainless steel materials that boasts an impressive durability and long-lasting sharpness that can withstand years of multiple usage. Ideal for beginners, quilters, dressmakers, DIYers, students and such.

Easily add patterns and slice through multiple layers of fabric with this multifunctional fabric pinking shear!   


  • Zig-Zag Patterned Scissors
    A must-have sewing scissors designed in a detailed sawtooth blade that successfully leaves a unique zigzag pattern as you cut. It efficiently limits the length of frayed thread from loose weave fabrics and unfinished edges to minimize further damage. Moreover, it not only prevents fraying, but it also helps in reducing or trimming the fabric bulk on seam allowances. You can even use it for creating fancy cuts and other different patterns to give your fabrics/crafting paper a decorative edge. 

  • Comfortable Gripping
    Offers a soft, ergonomically designed handle for a secured, optimized gripping and maneuverability. It also has a properly weighted design that fits comfortably in both right and left hands to give you a much easier and accurate cutting at all times. Allowing it to be used during prolonged cutting sessions of multiple layers of fabrics without experiencing hand fatigue. 
  • Ultra-Sharp Blades
    Equipped with a razor-sharp stainless steel blade that delivers a controlled, precise cutting. Ensuring that each cut that it leaves is perfectly clean and crisp for all of your fabric or other decorative projects. This pinking shear can smoothly slice through a variety of materials, including cloth, linen, leather, cotton, denim, lace, satin and even papers, thin cardboards and more possibilities. Available in 3mm/4mm tooth width to meet all of your different needs.   

  • Wide Application
    Can be used for your different cutting projects. Suitable for controlling fraying, cutting lengths or for adding details and stylish patterned flavors to your fabric hems and edges or paper materials. You can use it for sewing, quilting, hemming and for a plethora of arts and crafts. Ideal for beginners, quilters, seamstress, seamsters, dressmakers, DIYers, students and so on.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic ABS and TPR material with professionally honed stainless steel sawtooth blades. It supplies an outstanding durability and high impact resistance that can cleanly cut through the way to the end of your materials while staying sharp. Additionally, this pinking shear boasts an excellent corrosion resistance which enables it to withstand years of multiple use without rusting or wearing off. 


  • Material: Stainless steel, ABS
  • Edging Style: Zigzag / Scalloped
  • Teeth size: 3mm / 7mm


  • 1 x Scisssors

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