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Cithway™ Multi-function Portable Outdoor Knife Sharpener

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Cithway™ Multi-function Portable Outdoor Knife Sharpener

Keep your favorite blade performing at its finest at all times with this multipurpose gardening knife sharpener!

This high-performance sharpener boasts a remarkable honing effect that successfully forms a new edge to any blunt, old blades in just a swipe. Allowing you to produce the keenest, ultra-sharp, and most consistent cutting functionality to kitchen knives and gardening or landscape tools. Saving you from the hassle of making extra force each time you cut which only leads to uneven and ruined cuts, slipping, and risk of injuries. Suitable for upgrading your knives, kitchen shears, scissors, pocket knives, sickles, loppers, hedge shears, shovels, garden forks, pruning shears, hand weeders, hoes, and such. 

The multipurpose blade sharpener offers a lightweight and non-slip, ergonomic design for that secured gripping and optimal control. Furthermore, it provides a built-in full-lenght guard that hides the blade away from the hands to keep you safe and unharmed at all times. This knife sharpener is also ideally portable to be stored inside bags and kits without taking up space or causing issues. Perfect for an effortless and swift resharpening even when you're out on vacations, camping, hiking, barbecuing, backyard cooking, and more. Made with premium materials that guarantees you a long-term usage without dulling, rusting, or creating toxic leaching.

Have a properly maintained, ultra-sharp cutting blade using this multipurpose portable garden knife sharpener! 


  • Excellent Sharpening
    A handheld sharpener tool equipped with ultra-sharp blades that works effectively to hone the cutting edge area on the blade of your knives by cleanly grinding it. It enables you to restore year-long old and dulled blades from different cutting tools and even significantly improved their functionality. Providing you a crisp, clean, and precise cut performance each time that takes the hassle out of your cooking, gardening, preparing, and other tasks. No need to force through anymore when cutting which only leads to uneven slice, slipping, and risk of injuries. 

  • Wide Application
    This all-in-one sharpener is also tough and versatile enough to refine several blunt blades from different cutting tools. Suitable for kitchen knives, kitchen shears, scissors, fruit knives, pocket knives, sickles, steak knives, and such. You can even use it for gardening tools like loppers, hedge shears, shovels, garden forks, pruning shears, hand weeders, hoes, and so much more. No worries as it can deeply hone without causing your blades to thin, weaken, or other damages that will shorten its life. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    The multi-sharpening tool offers a non-slip, ergonomic hand-held design that can be securely grip with maximum comfort. It is also super lightweight to ensure you an easier lifting and optimal maneuverability at all times. Furthermore, this clever tool adopts a hidden dual sharpening blade and a built-in full-lenght guard that keeps the hand away and extra protected from being cut. You can use it confidently and swiftly without worrying about getting injured anymore! Simply slide the edge of the blade of knife or tools through the sharpener a few times to hone everytime they become dull, and you're all done!   

  • Highly Portable
    This multipurpose knife sharpener supplies a light and compact design which allows better portability. It can be stashed neatly inside your bags, luggages, tool kits, and such while saving more space for other essentials. Ideal for when you're at-home or when you want a quick resharpening during vacations, camping, hiking, barbecuing, backyard cooking, and more possibilities.     

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic tungsten steel blade and plastic material that strikes an amazing durability and rust-resistance performance. It can resist endless resharpening and repairing of blades without wearing-off and dulling. This multi-sharpening tool is also odorless and it does not leach any harmful chemicals to ensure that it can sharpen without contaminating your knives and blades. 
  • Material: ABS, knife, PP
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Cithway™ Multi-function Portable Outdoor Knife Sharpener

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