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Cithway™ Magic Odor Absorber Stainless Steel Soap

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Cithway™ Magic Odor Absorber Stainless Steel Soap

Wash stubborn pesky odors away from your hands in a breeze only with this magic odor absorber stainless steel soap!

A special bar soap shaped stainless steel that works successfully to erase strong smells which clings and stay behind the skin. Keeping your hands completely odor-free with just a quick few rubbing even after cooking or meal prep unlike with regular soap. What’s more? This odor remover soap provides a convenient infinite usage that can rub away the stubborn scent for multiple years without running out. It can be also used for eliminating odors from pet nests, underarm odors, smelly feet, disinfectants, coins, paper bills, gasoline, diesel smell, and such. Simply wet the bar steel first, rub the soap to the smelly area to keep the odors gone, rinse, and you're done. 

This magic odor-erasing steel soap is perfectly light in the hands and it can be comfortably gripped without constantly slipping away. It is also built expertly with a smooth sand-polished finish to ensure that it can come into skin contact with not a single harm. Furthermore, this stainless steel hand soap can work effectively and safely on any skin-types to prevent all sorts of irritations. Making it the best solution for everyone, especially chefs, fishermen, farmers, fish vendors, mothers, children, and more. Made with the highest-grade material that promises to withstand endless years of daily usage without wearing-off, rusting, toxic leaching.  

Keep your hands odor-free even after a prolonged time in the kitchen using this magic odor absorber stainless steel soap!  


  • Excellent Odor Remover
    A unique stainless steel expertly formed in a hand soap bar that effectively works in fighting off all pungent smells way better than any regular soap. Allowing it to scientifically absorb foul cooking and kitchen odors that get left behind to your skin by foods containing sulfur molecules and shifting them to the bar. Thus, keeping your hands perfectly odor-free easily in no time without any sort of funky chemical scent from the steel. Saving you from the strong smells that clings stubbornly from the hands even after multiple washes like fish, garlic, onions, and so much more.   

  • Infinite Usage
    Adopts remarkable never-ending usage capabilities unlike with normal soap that runs out with just a few wash. Providing you a rub-away soap that can last you forever to instantly eliminate unpleasant odors anytime! What’s more? It not only works for kitchen and cooking odors, but you can also use it for erasing stinks from pet nests, underarm odors, smelly feet, disinfectant smell, coins and paper bills, gasoline, diesel smell, and more possibilities. Simply damp the steel bar, rub it on your hand or around the smelly area just like a regular soap to keep the odors gone for good, and you're done.

  • Ergonomic Design
    Conveniently lightweight which allows it to be lifted and rub on the hands with no issues. It can also be gripped comfortably and easily without constantly slipping out of your hands whether wet or dry. Moreover, this clever steel soap supports better portability and can be stashed inside a bag or any hygiene kit without taking up too much space. Suitable for removing unwanted odors anytime, anywhere even where you're at-home or out on vacation, camping, hiking, trips, and so on.

  • Perfect For All
    Can work effectively and gently to neutralize unwanted odors out on any skin type. It can be used at all times when needed without causing irritations, itchiness, stinging, and other skin issues or discomfort. Making it a handy solution for everyone, especially chefs, fishermen, farmers, fish vendors, mothers, children, and those with smelly hands, feet, or underarms.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality and skin-friendly smoothly sand-polished stainless steel material with a superior odor removing performance. It can hold out endless years of washes without running out, deforming, or rusting. This magic steel soap bar can also come into direct contact with the skin without harmful toxic leaching to ensure overall safety and health. No worries as this odor removing steel soap does not emit a chemical scent to guarantee you a no-scent finish. 


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size:  65*45*16mm


  • 1 x Cithway™ Magic Odor Absorber Stainless Steel Soap

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