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Cithway™ Universal Mac/Window OS Keyboard Shortcut Sticker

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Cithway™ Universal Mac/Window OS Keyboard Shortcut Sticker

Stick on the professionalism and level up your workflow efficiency with this universal Mac/Window OS keyboard shortcut sticker!

A handy keyboard sticker featuring an accurate and easy-to-read comprehensive list of Mac OS shortcut commands. Allowing you to increase efficiency and work productivity as you can now input different shortcuts without constantly ‘googling’ anymore. Furthermore, it can even help the user to learn and memorize about the Mac/Window keyboard command sequences effortlessly. This sticker is listed in an organized manner and can be attached just right below your laptop’s keyboard area for a quick and easier viewing. Perfect for any skill level, whether you're a beginner, student, office employee, seniors, skilled, and more.   

This OS keyboard shortcut sticker offers a strong adhesive that can stay in one place even as you open and close your laptop. It can also fit seamlessly and remain unobstructive to most Window laptops and any 13-16 inch MacBook, including Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, and such. What’s more? It can withstand daily exposure of your laptop’s heat without deforming, melting, burning, or crumpling unlike with other stickers. No worries as the shortcut sticker does not contain any chemicals to ensure that it will not affect your device's overall functionality and look. Made with premium odorless vinyl material that boasts to last for several years without fading or losing adhesion. 

Never forget or struggle with shortcut commands anymore using this universal OS keyboard shortcut sticker! 


  • Easy and Quick Shortcut Reference
    A clever Mac and Window OS keyboard shortcut reference sticker designed with excellent accuracy of an organized, comprehensive list that you need. It adopts a fine, readable text quality and can be stuck directly on the keyboard area so you can swiftly glance down anytime and easily read your needed commands. Making it a great companion to keep you going and work much faster and smarter without having to constantly look up for google anymore. Perfect for any skill level, whether you're a beginner, student, office employee, seniors, skilled, and such.   

  • Improved Workflow Efficiency 
    Successfully boosts time efficiency as it allows you to access all commonly-used shortcuts without having to google it. It also encourages an increase in productivity by reducing input sequences to a few keystrokes while performing a variety of tasks at once. Thus, allowing you to optimize overall workflow and streamlining the process. Moreover, this sticker can even work as a great aid for quickly and easily learning the shortcut commands.

  • Ultra-Strong Adhesion
    Supports a superior adhesion that can hold securely to your laptop panel. It does not loosen stickiness or crumple even after multiple opening and closing of your device. Furthermore, the sticker does not also deform, burn or melt when exposed with everyday heat after prolonged continuous use of the laptop. No worries as it can confidently adhere and remove any time without leaving any sort of damages, marks, and sticky residues behind.     
  • Universal Fitting
    Supplies a 3.25 inch width and 3.25(Mac)/2.75(Window) inch height that can fit seamlessly to the bottom of your laptop’s keyboard area. Suitable for most Window laptops and even any 13-16 inch MacBook of any models and versions including, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, and so on. Preventing the sticker from covering the touchpad or causing any sort of obstruction so you can still smoothly operate your laptop. Additionally, it comes in a clear, glossy sticker design which can stylishly and neatly complement any laptop color. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made with the finest, non-toxic clear and glossy vinyl sticker material which boasts an amazing stickiness. It ensures that it can hold tightly while maintaining your laptop’s overall protection and allows its component to run smoothly. This OS keyboard shortcut sticker has scratch-resistant abilities that guarantees to hold from years of everyday usage without fading, wearing, and weakening stickiness. No worries as it is completely odorless and non-obstructive!


  • Material: vinyl sticker
  • Size: 8.3x8.3cm(Mac); 8.3x7cm(Window, Word/Excel)


  • 1 x Universal Mac/Window OS Keyboard Shortcut Sticker

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