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Cithway™ Leak-Proof 5-hole Sauce Squeeze Bottle

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Cithway™ Leak-Proof 5-hole Sauce Squeeze Bottle

Easily squeeze your way for a fun and precise sauce dispensing with this leak-proof 5-hole sauce bottle! 

A 280ml large-capacity sauce bottle that features a unique 5 dispensing hole design with 1mm even-sized diameter each. Providing you a consistent, culinary precision condiments dosing at all times with just a simple squeezing motion. What’s more? It also acts as a great helper for creating effortless fancy plating presentations or drizzles to make dishes more appealingly delectable. No worries as this squeeze bottle supports a non-leaking dispensing to keep you from the messy, sticky drips and unwanted wastage. Suitable for ketchup, mayonnaise, oil, mustard, salad dressing, honey, maple syrup, chocolate, soy sauce, seasoning, barbecue sauce, homemade sauce, and so on. 

This 5-hole sauce squeeze bottle is light in the hand and it offers an ergonomically constructed, non-slip body. Delivering you better, secured gripping and optimal maneuverability at all times even for those with sweaty palms! The bottle adopts a transparent design and ml measurement so you can clearly see the remaining contents and avoid sauce mix up. It also has an included clear cap to prevent dirt, dust, and other air particles from entering when not used. Furthermore, this leak-proof sauce bottle supplies a wide opening for a mess-free, easier sauce refill anytime and deep cleaning. Made with premium, non-toxic materials that promises to withstand years of usage without damaging or rusting.  

Make a beautiful food presentation or simply squeeze out flavorful condiments using this leak-proof 5 hole sauce bottle! 


  • Unique 5-hole Easy Squeeze Bottle
    A large-capacity dispenser that can successfully store a maximum of 280ml of sauces or flavorful seasonings. Featuring a smart 5 hole style that delivers a quick, smooth dispensing and precise dosing at all times with just an effortless squeezing. Allowing you to pour your desired amount of sauce directly on the food or the sauce scoops. The 5 dispensing hole comes with 1mm diameter that releases the condiments more evenly with fine consistency unlike with regular squeeze bottles. Moreover, it also allows you to uniquely decorate your dishes and other treats to make them more mouth-watering!  

  • Non-Leaking Dispensing 
    Adopts a tightly-sealed design that provides you with culinary precision fast dispensing anytime without unwanted leaking and drips. Saving your tables or countertops from the mess and also from ruining the garnishing and overall look of your meals. Its non-leaking dispensing performance helps as well to keep the squeeze bottle from being drippy and sticky to the touch. What’s more? This sauce bottle enables you to confidently squeeze and pour condiments without wastage!

  • Ergonomic Design
    Ideally lightweight so you can easily lift and dispense with maximum comfort experience. It also has a non-slip body to give you secured gripping and a much better maneuverability even as you have wet hands. This sauce dispensing bottle supplies a convenient transparent design so you can clearly see the contents inside when it's time for refills and to avoid sauce mix up. It also provides an inscribed ml measurement so you’ll know the capacity of the remaining sauce or to estimate the amount you're pouring. The 5-hole squeeze bottle supports a wide opening mouth to make refilling quick, easy, and totally mess-free! Additionally, it has an included clear cap to seal the sauce securely when not used to prevent dirt and other air particles from entering. 
  • Wide Application
    Promotes an excellent versatile use that can store and dispense different condiments from liquid to saucy types. Suitable for ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressing, oil, honey, maple syrup, strawberry jam, chocolate, soy sauce, seasoning, kewpie, barbecue sauce, garlic sauce, and so on. Making it a great helper at-home, restaurant, food stalls, french fries booth, fast food chains, picnics, camping trips, outdoor events, parties, and more possibilities.  
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate (PC) plastic material with remarkable durability and toughness. It can hold out against multiple years of usage and washes without deforming, damaging, and rusting. This squeeze bottle can be twisted open for easy refilling and also for a deep, quick hand washing anytime. It does not retain odor and is completely non-toxic which can safely come into direct contact with any food without leaching.


  • Material: Food-grade polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate (PC) plastic
  • Size: 7.3*19cm
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Color: Beige / Black / Red


  • 1 x Leak-Proof 5 Hole Sauce Squeeze Bottle

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