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Cithway™ Flower Arrangement Twister Holder

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Cithway™ Flower Arrangement Twister Holder

Give your flowers more volume and a beautiful, lively arrangement only with this flower twister holder! 

This creative flower holder tool is specially designed to create a professional-like, well-crafted flower mix arrangement in a breeze! Allowing you to display your bouquet in an organized and mesmerizing, decorative visual effect that would make any space vibrant and pleasing. Moreover, the flower twister also helps to support and guide the stems upright for a much healthier and stronger elegant bloom. No more chaotically cluttered floral arrangement that droops and limps overtime. It can fit stems from different flower types that's suitable for arranging orchids, corelias, poppies, tulips, peonies, hydrangea, roses, and so on.   

The floral arrangement holder has a smooth, plant-friendly design that can securely spread out your flower without a single harm. It also promotes great waterproof qualities that can hold out against daily water contact and work seamlessly with water-filled vases. Preventing it from rusting, damaging or contaminating mold growths which might weaken your flowers and lead to premature death. Making it an ideal tool for creating aesthetically pleasing mixed flower arrangements at home, offices, weddings, restaurants, parties, table centerpieces, and more possibilities. Simply prepare your favorite flowers, mix and arrange the stems through the holder, twist, and done!

Make your own personalized creative flower mix bouquet using this flower arrangement twister holder!


  • Flower Bouquet Twister
    A creative floral tool featuring a disc shape that comes with multiple holes for holding your flowers stems nicely secure and stylishly in no time. Allowing you to effortlessly organize and create a professional-like, well-crafted flower twist arrangement. It helps to keep your bouquet looking neat and be displayed in a gorgeous combination of colors, shapes, and textures of your fancy. Furthermore, this flower arrangement tool also successfully provides the stems stability and guides them to naturally bloom elegantly spiral upwards and healthy. Making it a great helper to deliver a visually striking floral arrangement that would instantly turn any dull-looking space more aesthetically vibrant and inviting.

  • Non-Harming Design
    Adopts a smooth finish design so you can confidently insert and arrange your precious florals without scratching. It can also stably and strongly hold the flowers upright in place to keep them from drooping or limping while remaining completely gentle. Saving your plants from any damages and from growing weak or from dying prematurely. What’s more? This flower holder is applicable to be inserted smoothly in vases as well and not cause a single damage!

  • Highly Waterproof
    Adopts excellent waterproofing qualities and toughness. It can withstand daily exposure to any liquids and work seamlessly with water-filled vases without rusting and any other damages. This flower holder does not also build up mold and mildews even with everyday water contact unlike with other products. Eliminating the risk of fungal diseases that removes nutrients, reduces growth, and leaves your plants vulnerable to harmful infections that lead to premature death. You can now keep your flowers thriving and freshly blooming with no issues.   
  • Wide Application
    Supports ideal hole sizes that can fit in different flower types stems. Suitable for experimenting and beautifully arranging a plethora of flowers, including orchids, corelias, poppies, tulips, peonies, hydrangea, roses, and more possibilities. It can also fit through various wide mouth washes, jugs, and other flower containers. The perfect tool for making aesthetically pleasing mixed flower arrangements at home, offices, weddings, restaurants, parties, table centerpieces, and so on. Simply prepare your favorite mixed flower arrangements, arrange it nicely then insert the stems through the holes, twist to get a perfect bouquet, and you're all good!   
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic materials that strikes an amazing durability and long-lasting performance. It does not leach off harmful chemical fumes that might harm the flower's health. This flower arrangement holder tool can hold out against several years without rusting and wearing-off. Available in different color selections such as clear, beige, mint and grey.


  • Size: 50x40mm(S); 70x45mm(L) 
  • Color: Clear / Beige / Mint / Grey


  • 1 x Flower Arrangement Twister Holder

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