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Cithway™ Easy Triple Meatball Maker

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Cithway™ Easy Triple Meatball Maker

Take the meatball-making process quick and easy using this supreme triple meatball maker!  An ultimate kitchen tool set of a round 3-in-1 scoop and a fork-like rounded tip spoon that successfully makes 3 meatballs at once. Providing you with perfectly-sized round meatballs without the struggle of long and messy prep-time by hand anymore. Making it a great combo when cooking meatball-filled meals or side dishes like spaghetti, soups, meatball sandwich, sweet and sour, meatball kebabs, meatball cabbage rolls, and such. Simply place your minced/ground meat to the scoop to mold, cut the meat to your desired size then push it out to release 3 neatly shaped meatballs, repeat the process, and done. 

The meatball maker is super lightweight and boasts a non-slip, ergonomic design to ensure a secured, comfortable grip with no pain. It also promotes excellent non-sticking qualities which enables you to smoothly release the molded meat on tip top shape with great ease. Moreover, both the scoop and spoon does not retain odors and tough residues which makes even hand or dishwashing a total breeze. No worries as this triple meatball maker can be also used for cookie doughs, rice balls, fish balls, beef balls, cake pops, and such. Made with premium, food-grade materials that promises to withstand long-usage while keeping food safe from toxic chemicals. 

No need to keep your hands dirty anymore when creating deliciously shaped meatballs with this supreme triple meatball maker! 


  • Pro Meatball Maker
    A creative meatball maker tool that comes with a round 3-in-1 scoop and a fork-like rounded tip spoon. It enables you to effortlessly mold your chopped or ground meat and cut them in a swift manner into 3 rounded shaped pieces. Providing you the best perfectly shaped meatballs without the mess and long prep-time anymore. Great when making any side dishes and meatball-filled meals, including spaghetti, soups, meatball flatbread/sandwich, sweet and sour, meatball kebabs, meatball cabbage rolls, cake pops, and so much more.

  • Ergonomic Design
    Light in the hand and is specially designed with a comfortable, non-slip gripping. Allowing you to quickly whip up perfectly round meatballs much easier and with maximum control even for those with the sweatiest of hands. Moreover, this device enables you to make yummy meatballs for a prolonged period without experiencing hand fatigue, muscle strain, cramping, and other discomfort. No worries as the meatball maker adopts a superior non-stick quality which lets you mold and release the balls anytime on tip top shape with great ease. It even makes hand washing or dishwashing a breeze as it does not retain pesky residues and odors behind.
  • Super Easy Shaping
    Features a user-friendly design which allows you to prep in no time without any more complicated steps and tools. Simply fill the 3-in-1 scoop with ground meat, cut and push the meat out using the included spoon to create 3 perfectly shaped meatballs at once, repeat until all meat is molded, and done. Saving you from the troubles of time-consuming and messy hand press meatball molding.

  • Wide Application
    Can also work effectively and safely for molding a variety of food. Suitable for making delicious meatballs, cookie doughs, rice balls, ground pork, fish balls, beef balls, and more possibilities. Making it an ideal helper for beginners, DIYers, moms, grandmothers, chefs, at-home cooks, restaurants, and so on. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, BPA-free food-grade thickened plastic material with an incredible long-lasting durability and meatball making performance. All products included do not contain any sharp surface or edges so it can be confidently used at all times without scratching or harm. Furthermore, this supreme triple meatball maker can come into direct contact with any food with not a single toxic leaching. It can withstand multiple years of continuous usage and washes without deforming, wearing-off, and rusting. 


  • Material: Food-grade Plastic
  • Size: 8.5x21cm


  • 1 x Easy Triple Meatball Maker
  • 1 x Sliding blade

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