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Cithway™ Cloud-soft Deep Sleep Cushion Eye Mask

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Cithway™ Cloud-soft Deep Sleep Cushion Eye Mask

Have the best slumber of your life and block out all that extra light using this 6D anti-light eye mask!   

A portable sleeping aid mask that is specially designed with an all-around eye coverage effect and unparalleled light-blocking feature. Allowing it to comfortably shade your sensitive eyes from all sorts of light sources distraction anytime, anywhere you are as you sleep. Suitable for blocking out sun glares, lamp light, household light, computer/TV light, city lights, street lights, and more possibilities. Making it the perfect companion so you can take yourself into a deep sleep in no time and also from preventing you from being awoken. Ideal for at-home use or when you're out for travel, airplane, hotels, camping, road trip, office, vacant nap time, dormitories, and such.

This anti-light eye mask adopts a 6D nose fit and deepened eye groove to avoid unwanted nose pinching and painful eyeball pressing. Delivering you with an overall high-comfort sleeping experience while still ensuring that no crack of light could enter around the edges. It has a super soft, rebound memory foam that can conform snugly to fit the contours of different nose and face sizes. The eye mask even boasts a stretchable strap that can hold securely in place around the head even as you move without being restrictive. What’s more? It guarantees that you can get a relaxing and improved sleeping time which can help to boost brain health.  

Filter out every distracting light source and give yourself a good, peaceful sleep with this 6D anti-light eye mask! 


  • All-Around Light Blocking
    An ultimate sleeping eye mask featuring a 360° all-around coverage effect that rests nicely over both your eyes. It boasts a serious light-blocking performance to ensure that not a single beam of light could penetrate through even at any angles. Perfect for covering different light sources in broad daylight and at night, including sun glares, rays, lamp light, household light, computer/TV light, city lights, street lights, and so much more. You can now have an improved, peaceful slumber and keep yourself from getting woken up especially in the morning due to the morning shine. 

  • Comfortable Fitting
    Offers a 6D W-shaped nose fit and deeper eye groove areas for maximum comfort. You can confidently wear it without causing nose pinching, nasal airway blockage, and that painfully tight eyeball pressing. This sleeping eye mask promotes a high-quality rebound memory foam that can conform to a variety of nose and face shapes and sizes. Moreover, the eye mask can also suit all sleeping styles and positions without being restrictive or causing deformation. No worries as it is ideally lightweight to provide that excellent light blocking with zero pressure and discomfort.       

  • Excellent Beneficial Effect
    The eye mask’s light-blocking capabilities assist to eliminate distractions that keep you up and encourages the body to focus on falling asleep faster. Thus, supplying you an increased and healthy sleeping time which urges a boost in the overall brain health. It also enables you to create a much more relaxing environment and helps in alleviating stress, anxiety, overthinking, eye fatigue, and struggling to sleep. What’s more? This eye coverage mask can even minimize friction caused by the pillow when tossing which can keep acne inflammation near the top of the face at bay.     

  • Secured Strapping Design
    Supports a stretchable, gartered strap that can fit snugly around different head circumferences. Preventing it from being too loose to slip out or too tight to cause unwanted strap marks and painful squeezing. No worries as the eye mask’s strap is also secured enough to let it stay unbudging in place even as you toss and turn around during your nap.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest-grade, ultra-soft slow rebound thickened memory foam and polyester fiber with impressive light-blocking capabilities. It can hold out against multiple years of everyday use and different light exposure without damaging, deforming, and discoloration. The sleeping eye mask also adopts a skin-friendly quality to avoid any sort of skin irritations, itchiness, rashes, and other discomfort. Available in different trendy colors, including milk white, pink, dark black, sky blue, roland purple, and light green. A must-have arsenal when sleeping at-home or when you're out for travel, airplane, hotels, camping, road trip, office, vacant nap time, dormitories, hospital, and such.


  • Material: polyester fiber, memory foam
  • Type: 100% Blackout
  • Size: 20.5x10.5cm (Free size)
  • Color: Ivory / Pink / Blue / Green / Purple / Black


  • 1 x Cloud-soft Deep Sleep Cushion Eye Mask

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