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Cithway™ Solar Step Light

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Cithway™ Solar Step Light

Safely navigate to your property even on the darkest of night with this solar step LED lighting!

A high-performance sun-powered step light fixture that produces a nice illumination to provide increased visibility and safety at night. Featuring an automatic on-off mechanism that allows it to quickly gleam as the evening strikes and shut off when the sun peaks. Moreover, this solar step light can successfully capture plenty of sunshine to charge and turn into electricity. Delivering you with an all night long lighting effect without it weakening, flickering, and the worries of overpriced electricity. Making the perfect energy-efficient outdoor guide light to eliminate the risk of stumbling and walking blind in darkness! This LED light supports a two-way easy installation, including adhesive and screw methods.  

The outdoor step light comes in different color style selections that can step up any modern or old-fashioned outdoor space. It also delivers a pleasant, soft lighting that can add a nice, aesthetic appeal and relaxing ambience. Great for illuminating your outdoor staircase, step ways, hallways, driveways, fence, deck, post, wall, yard, garden, and so much more. This solar LED light adopts an excellent all-weather resistance that can withstand rain, splashes, snow, and extreme wind blows. Preventing it from losing effectiveness and causing dangerous electric shocks and possible fire hazards. Made with premium materials that boasts long-lasting years to shine your night! 

Guide your way through the night and cast each outdoor step with the perfect lighting using this solar LED light!


  • Solar Powered Outdoor Light
    An expertly-developed outdoor step LED lighting that remarkably illuminates your step way for an increased visibility and enhanced safety even in the dead of the night. It adopts a built-in solar panel with a special photosensitivity system that swiftly converts sunlight into a functional electricity as it senses light. Moreover, it can capture plenty of sunshine and effectively stores it to charge throughout the day. Thus, allowing it to successfully deliver a pleasing gleam all night long without weakening, flickering, and using over-priced electric wirings. No worries as this step light also boasts an automatic performance that can turn on smartly as the night starts and shut off to charge when the sun peeks out. Making it an excellent ambient lighting and walking guide in the evening to prevent stumbling and tripping. 

  • Multi-Scene Application
    This sun-powered step light does not only provide visibility and security, but it also helps to embellish beautiful, wireless outdoor lighting effects. It supplies a warm, soft illumination that can make your outdoor space looking more appealing with a touch of romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Suitable for outdoor staircase, step ways, hallways, driveways, fence, deck, post, wall, yard, garden, and more possibilities. It comes in different color selections that can stylishly blend any modern or old-fashioned outdoor space. 

  • Extreme All-Weather Resistance
    The solar outdoor lighting supports advanced IP65 waterproofing capabilities that can resist rain, splashes, and other liquids. Eliminating it from the risk of dimming, damaging or worse causing electric shocks and possible fire hazards. This LED step light also promotes amazing windproof qualities that can withstand even the harshest of wind blows with no issues. Allowing it to be confidently left alone outdoors to produce a nice, night light no matter the seasons are.  

  • Two-Way Hassle-Free Installation
    This weather-resistant solar step light can effortlessly turn your outdoor stairs or walkways into an attractive illuminated space in no time. The first installation process is by simply applying dual-sided adhesive on the case, then mounting the light firm in place, and all done. The second method is by fixing the light with screws for a much more secured hold to avoid unwanted slipping.      

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, ABS + acrylic material and toughened PVC plastic shell with an exceptional solar-powered LED lighting technology. It supplies an outstanding durability and long-lasting performance that can light up your night for several years without damaging and losing effectiveness. The LED light does not also weaken grip to ensure that it can stay stably in place at all times. 


  • 1 x Cithway™ Solar Step Light

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