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Cithway™ Silicone Pyramid Baking Mat

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Cithway™ Silicone Pyramid Baking Mat

No more grossly soggy meat or oil-drenched cooked foods with this multifunctional silicone cooking sheet mat! 

A must-have kitchen arsenal featuring smart deep pyramid points that keeps your food elevated while providing a perfect heat distribution. Allowing any food or pastries to evenly cook without making the bottom burnt or the inside raw like it usually would with flat pans. Additionally, it successfully filters oil and distributes the calories to prevent your meals from getting soaked with unhealthy grease. Making it an excellent assistant to create your favorite fine crisp and delectable juiciness without sacrificing healthy cooking. Great for chicken, meat, pork, fish, sausages, fries, steaks, calamari, pizzas, cookies, breads, waffles and so on.

This cooking mat supplies an outstanding temperature resistance which allows it to tackle -60°C(-76°F) up to 150°C(302°F) without damaging or deforming. It can be safely put on the oven, microwave oven, grill, charcoal grill and oven toaster with not a single worry about any fire hazards. The silicone sheet is also non-stick so you can always hand wash or dishwash it in a breeze after use to remove residues and grease. It is highly flexible which allows it to be rolled or folded into compact size to save space when storing. Moreover, this pyramid mat can even serve as a drying rack, trivet, pot bowl holder, placemat and such!  

Enjoy the perfect blend of crispiness and tender juicy of your food using this multifunctional silicone cooking sheet mat!


  • Innovative Silicone Mat
    A smart silicone mat designed with deep pyramid-shaped points throughout the surface which keeps your food or pastries elevated. Allowing the hot air to pass underneath and freely circulate as it cooks to provide a perfect heat distribution. It helps your food to get fried or baked evenly without making the bottom burnt unlike with flat pans or mats. Moreover, this silicone sheet also serves as an excellent oil filter to prevent the unhealthy grease from pooling and getting absorbed by the food. Facilitating a healthy cooking by controlling unhealthy cholesterol and distributing the calories throughout the food evenly. Providing you a crispier and juicy mouth-watering meal anytime with ease.   

  • Excellent Temperature Resistance
    This handy cooking mat can withstand extreme temperatures from an impressive -60°C(-76°F) up to 150°C(302°F). Preventing it from deforming, melting, burning and other damages even after a continuous use. Great for your oven cooking, microwave oven, grill, charcoal grill, oven toaster and such. No worries as this mat does not also scratch or leave any harm onto your oven tray or grilled surface.  

  • Easy to Clean and Store
    The unique baking sheet mat offers an exceptional non-stick performance that allows you to easily lift and remove your food without scraping. It does not retain cooked-on scraps behind and it can smoothly pour out the accumulated oil. You effortlessly wash it clean with water and soap or even slip in your dishwasher to avoid any bacterial and odor buildups. Furthermore, this silicone mat is also highly flexible so you can roll it into a compact size to store without taking up much space. Ideal for your kitchen drawers, cabinets, cupboards, or even on your counters. It can be trimmed as well to fit seamlessly in your roast pans, oven pans, grill and more.  

  • Widely-Used Mat
    This cooking mat can be used for roasting, grilling or cooking chicken, meat, pork, fish, sausages, fries, steaks, calamari, pizzas, cookies, breads, waffles and so on. The pyramid sheet is also suitable to act as a drying rack, trivet, pot bowl holder, placemat and more possibilities. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, 100% food-grade silicone that boasts an outstanding temperature resistance and dishwasher safe qualities. This versatile pyramid baking mat is FDA approved for food contact and reusability. Additionally, it can withstand years of constant use without damaging or wearing.


  • Material: Food-Grade Silicone
  • Color: Red, Black
  • Size: Please refer to the image below


  • 1 x Cithway™ Silicone Pyramid Baking Mat

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