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Cithway™ Piping Bag Tip Holder

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Cithway™ Piping Bag Tip Holder

Keep your baking area spotlessly clean and in order with the help of this piping bag decorating tips holder!

A must-have baking tool holder featuring a removable cone-shape slot for storing a piping bag and 8 individual slots for your piping tips. It allows you to keep your cake decorating tool organized and always close as you bake for convenient nozzle switching and accessibility. It also helps so you can smoothly transfer the icing or other mixture inside the piping bag spill-free in a swift. What’s more? This holder enables you to keep your hands free for maximum maneuverability without the need to leave your tools messily in your baking area. Allowing you to maintain hygiene as you prevent the risk of the piping bag getting squeezed and the nozzles rolling off. 

This piping bag-decorating tips holder supports a sturdy structure design and non-slipping base. It can stand with maximum stability on any flat surface even on wet, slippery areas to avoid unwanted toppling, wobbling, slippage. It comes in a smart, space-saving size that can be neatly stored on your kitchen counters, cupboards, drawers, and such. Made with premium, food-grade material promises to hold out against several years of usage without rusting, toxic leaching, and damaging. Making it the perfect companion for every baking enthusiast, bakers, patisserie shop, cake decorator, DIYers, beginners, mothers, and so on.  

Have a helping hand when decorating cake with this piping bag and baking nozzle holder! 


  • Perfect Cake Decorating Tool
    A unique baking helper that is expertly constructed to hold your cake piping bag as well as storing up to 8 decorating tips all at once. It enables you to free both hands to easily transfer the icing or other mixture inside from the piping bag mess-free in a breeze. This baking accessory also allows you to organize your needed nozzles in one accessible place and effortlessly switch up anytime as you need. No worries as the frosting nozzle holder area offers 8 individual slots to keep all nozzles from touching each other to maintain maximum hygiene. Additionally, it even helps so you can freely leave your filled up piping bag alone anytime to keep your hands for other tasks for maximum baking maneuverability. Making it a great tool for all of your different cake decorating projects and keeping your baking area spotless. 
  • Excellent Stable Base
    This cake decorating holder provides sturdy structure and optimal stability with a non-slip quality base. It can stand on any flat surface even on wet, slippery areas with not a single budging. This handy baking tool can effectively store a weighty, filled-in piping bag without toppling to ensure that no drop of sweets would spill and get wasted. What’s more? Its excellent stability also lets you confidently put in and return the piping bag or nozzles swiftly in place without the risk of wobbling as you decorate.     
  • Easy Storing and Cleaning
    The piping bag-piping tips holder comes in a compact size and smart removable cone so you can neatly and conveniently store without taking up too much space. Perfect for your kitchen drawers, cupboards, cabinets or simply on your kitchen counters. You can even use it so you don’t have to keep your decorating tips cluttered! Moreover, this baking helper does not retain odors, dust, and dirt. It can be safely hand washed or stashed in a dishwasher to keep it clean. 
  • Ideal Gift Idea
    This innovative cake decorating holder would make a thoughtful present that can be used long-term for different baking projects. Suitable for every baking enthusiast, bakers, patisserie shop, cake decorator, DIYers, beginners, mothers, and so on. The perfect gift for a regular day or any special occasions like christmas, new years, home blessing, birthdays, and more possibilities.     
  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest-grade, BPA-free polypropylene plastic material that boasts remarkable durability and functionality. It can accompany you for your endless cake decorating escapade without rusting, discoloration, and damaging. This piping bag-piping tips holder is completely non-toxic to avoid any harmful chemical and odor leaching. Available in 3 different color selections, including blue, red, and gray. 
  • Material: Food-grade polypropylene plastic 
  • Size:


  • 1 x Cithway™ Piping Bag Tip Holder


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