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Cithway™ Heat Resistant Oven Rack Shield

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Cithway™ Heat Resistant Oven Rack Shield

Guard your hands from heat scalding and use these reusable heat-resistant oven rack shields!

A must-have oven guards that are specially designed to provide an excellent coverage to the front of your oven rack. Allowing them to successfully protect your hands, arms, and skin from touching directly to the blistering rack to avoid nasty burns and injury. You can now swiftly and confidently reach and take away freshly baked or cooked food in the oven without problem. The oven rack edge guards adopt an impressive heat-resistant construction that can hold up to a maximum 446°F (230°C) of temperature. Preventing it from melting, deforming, damaging or worse burning and causing fire hazards.    

The heat-resistant oven rack shields supply great flexibility and easy trimmable features that can fit securely on all standard oven racks. No worries as they do not cause damage to the oven and are also suitable for appliances like oven toaster, microwave, and air fryer. Simply cut the silicone guards to your needed length, open the split, then slide it over the front rack, adjust to place, and done. These oven guards are safe for both dishwashing and hand washing to keep them clean from residues and food spills. Made with premium, food-grade silicone that guarantees to withstand endless reusability and washes without wearing-off and toxic leaching.    

Say goodbye to nasty oven burns when taking out food with these reusable heat-resistant oven rack shields!


  • Maximum Protection
    A heavy-duty oven guards designed in textured silicone that sits nicely onto the front of your oven shelf. Providing your hands, arms, and skin an overall protection to keep them from touching directly to the scorching grill as you remove freshly cooked food. Thus, eliminating the risk and worries of painful scalding and other unwanted accidental injuries anytime as you reach and take away food. These rack guards support a secured, non-slip feature to keep it fixed in one place. Making it a great safety-tool especially for those who love to bake, heat/reheat, and cook meals using the oven.   

  • Excellent Heat Resistant
    These protective oven rack edge covers promote incredible heat-resistant performance. They can be confidently stashed inside the oven and hold up to a maximum 446°F (230°C) of temperature without melting, burning, deforming, and other damages. The silicone shields can also withstand continuous usage and exposure to heat with no issues. No worries as they can be safely used as well without causing any disruption against the heating to ensure you with evenly cooked goods unlike with other products.  

  • Easy Installation and Removal
    The heat resistant oven rack shields can be installed in no time to your appliance without the need for any complicated steps and tools anymore. Both the oven rack edge protectors adopt high flexibility and can be easily trimmed to your needed length to fit according to most oven racks measuring 35cm/14in long. Simply cut the silicone to your needed length, open it from the split, then slide it over the edge, adjust, and all done. You can also smoothly remove it anytime for cleaning and put it back again after without leaving marks or scratches through the oven rack. Suitable for different oven brands and even other appliances, including oven toaster, microwave, and air fryer. 

  • Reusable Design
    These oven shelf guards are expertly-constructed and toughened to be used repeatedly without toxic leaching or damage. It can be easily and deeply cleaned using hand washing or dishwashing to remove cooked-on residues, crumbs, and food spills. Allowing them to be reused again and again while still maintaining optimal hygiene to prevent harmful odor and bacterial buildups.  
  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest-grade, BPA-free silicone material that boasts exceptional durability and heat-resistant qualities. The oven rack shields can perfectly last several years of reusability and washes without damaging and melting. These oven guards are 100% non-toxic and they do not pose fire or electrical hazards to ensure overall safety and health. They prompt a bright red design which makes them easier to see inside your appliances. 
  • Material: Food-grade silicone
  • Length: 35.7cm 
  • 1 x Cithway™ Heat Resistant Oven Rack Cover

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