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Cithway™ Fun Household Chores Dice

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Cithway™ Fun Household Chores Dice

The Household chores dice game was created to distribute household chores in a fair and fun way!

Had a lot of trouble with who was doing the housework? So we decided to create a game that, not only was fun to play but also could choose randomly who of the family was doing the different household chores!

Let's see our real customer review!

Carolyn W. Montejano (F, 35, Ohio)
"This is so hilarious😂😂 my niece's family is always fighting about who's going to do what so now they can just roll the dice!"

Kristi J. Flanagan (F, 27, Washington)
"Cute and perfect for me and my husband! I made the mistake of thinking it was more like a chore dice for the kids but still works for the hubby and me to use💗"

Take the “boring” out of chores and make your most tedious tasks go by more quickly. Ideal for every family member, ADHS, and kids. Let's Gamify Daily Chores!



  • Make Your Kids WANT to do Chores
    Home chores are an essential part of family life, and training your child to help with them not only lightens your burden but also instills important life skills. The best way to transform chores into a game with Household Chores Dice! Let's distribute household chores in a fair and fun way.

  • Take the “Boring” Out of Chores
    How to make your most tedious tasks go by more quickly? By having fun doing them! Ideal for kids and adults with ADHD. If you’re living with ADHD, this chores dice can help you create and maintain a clean and organized home without all of the stress.

  • Gamify Daily Chores
    Convincing your child to pick up a broom or wash dishes, on the other hand, is typically met with opposition... The good news is you can make cleaning entertaining for your child while also teaching them responsibility and collaboration by this chores dice. 

  • High-Quality Dice
    Each face features a different chore's icon outline and words. Measuring 20mm. Rounded corners allow dice to roll further for better randomization and protect gaming table surfaces from dents or marks.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 20mm (H) x 20mm (W) x 20mm (D)


  • 1 x Cithway™ Fun Household Chores Dice

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