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Cithway™ Airplane Footrest

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Cithway™ Airplane Footrest

Say goodbye to the nasty leg cramping and back breaking experience during a long-haul flight with this travel footrest sling airplane hammock!

A travel-sized airplane footrest that is expertly-made to keep the feet or legs perfectly situated and elevated during a long-haul flight. It has a soft, padding design and a convenient strap that can be easily adjusted high or low depending on your ideal. Providing you optimal relaxation and high-comfort travel experience that would surely turn your economy seat flight feeling business class. What’s more? It helps to keep the pressure out from the foot, legs, and lower back while also ensuring a healthy, unobstructed blood circulation. Making it a great travel accessory to relieve or prevent foot fatigue, leg stiffness, inflammations, backaches, and soreness.

This airplane foot hammock has a quick-release buckle that can be secured in place in no time without any complication at all. No worries as it does not cause obstruction and disturbance to other plane passengers for a safe and overall relaxing travel. The footrest sling adopts extra durability that can stay stably fixed and withstand heavy leg or foot weight without breaking. Moreover, it is very light and can be folded up in a much more compact size and tucked into the included little pouch. Allowing it to be easily tote around for vacation, plane trip, road trip, business trip, and so on. Made with premium material that promises to accompany you for an endless year of comfortable travel!  

Make every flight more comfortable and feeling high-class with this travel footrest sling airplane hammock!


    • Maximum Travel Comfort
      An on-the-go mini airplane hammock that serves as an excellent hanging footrest to keep your legs and feet perfectly situated and elevated at all times during flight. It supports a lightly padded design to ensure that you can confidently rest your whole feet or legs without even a slight discomfort or harm. This foot sling can effectively relieve unwanted swelling, soreness, stiffness, and fatigue from the legs and foot thanks to its elevated feature. It even allows an improved and unobstructed blood circulation to avoid fluid build ups and inflammations. Furthermore, it also helps to release the pressure from your lower back as it offers your feet a much better position instead of cramping still on a plane legroom space. Providing you an overall high-comfort travel experience that would make even a long haul, economy seat flight feeling business class.   

    • Secured Foot Rest Hanging
      This travel foot sling adopts an upgraded fixed nails and extra durable straps that can hold out against heavy leg or foot weight. Preventing it from snapping or completely breaking even after a continuous extended use. This plane hammock also provides a heavy-duty buckle so you can freely relax and safely rest your entire leg weight without it unbuckling and falling off. Additionally, it offers a convenient adjustable feature that you can easily alter to suit your ideal comfort foot position and height.  

    • Easy Installation
      The footrest sling can effectively turn your seat feeling high class in no time with just a few steps. Simply unfold the plane tray table, open the quick release buckle from the strap and fix it on the table, adjust it to your comfort, rest your legs/feet and enjoy your flight! No more unnecessary tools needed or complicated installations that would only cause disruption on other plane passengers. No worries as the foot hammock can be safely installed without causing obstruction and inconvenience for everyone or worse leaving damages behind. Lastly, you can also use it for bus, office, ship travel, train, and even at-home.   

    • Portable Design
      This clever foot hammock is so light that it won’t even put a weight on your travel baggage. It can also be easily folded up flat in a much more compact size and tucked into the included little pouch in a breeze. Allowing you to neatly stash it inside bags, duffels, luggages, and other travel bags without taking up much space. Suitable when you're out for vacation, plane trip, road trip, business trip, and more possibilities.  

    • Premium Quality
      Made of high-quality, skin-friendly polyester fabric material that boasts a superior durability. It guarantees to withstand long lasting, everyday usage without breaking, linting, and wearing-off. This travel footrest sling is also highly breathable and can come into direct contact with any skin type with no irritations, itchiness, and discomfort.


    • Material: Polyester


    • 1 x Cithway™ Airplane Footrest

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