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AEXZR™ Cat Eyes Press-on Nails

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AEXZR™ Cat Eyes Press-on Nails

Have a fuss-free eye-catching nail look at the comfort of your own home using these cat eye press-on nails!

This fine set of 30 piece press-on nails provides a stunning cat-eye glaze and color glam that amps up any boring nails in a breeze. They come in so many different shapes, lengths, and style selections that would make every lady and even professional nail artists fall in love. What’s more? These eye-catching, sparkly fake nails can smoothly hold on top of different nail types using any gel sticker, gel glue, or liquid nail glue. No worries as these gorgeous press-ons’ also offer a seamless fitting design to deliver that natural-looking, salon-grade manicure. Perfect for beginners, DIYers, professional nail artists, salon, nail enthusiasts, and such. 

The cat eye press-on nails are reusable and harmless on the hands that you wouldn't even remember them on. They are also completely gentle and UV-free even for those with delicate nails to ensure that they won’t leave a single harm or cause nail thinning. Moreover, these glossy cat eye nails adopt an extra toughness and waterproof performance. They can hold up surprisingly well for several weeks and daily activities like washing dishes and folding laundry. The perfect press-on nails to add glamor and elegance to your outfits on a regular day or during any special occasions. 

Add some sparkle and dashing color finish to your mani with just a quick adhesion of these cat eye press-on nails!


  • Unique Cat Eye Nails
    A 30 pieces set of press-on nails that boasts a stunning cat-eye effect and a glossy, almost mirror-like color that sparkles majestically at any angle. Each fake nail is constructed expertly with great care to look naturally and beautifully on top of your real ones. They also offer an excellent full coverage to deliver that seamless, salon-quality manicure that is sure to make even professional nail artists amazed! Making them the best press-ons’ to level up your dull-looking nails with a dash of chic colors and glam. Available in a wide variety of eye-catching styles, sizes, and nail shape selections that can flatter different hands and skin-tone.

  • Comfortable to Wear
    These cat eye fake nails are super light and they sit lovingly and stylishly on top of any nails to ensure the wearer with maximum comfort experience. Eliminating the risk of any irritations or painful poking of the fake nails from the edge unlike with other press-on. No worries as these cat eye nails are applicable for gel sticker adhesion, gel glue, or liquid nail glue. They also supply extra toughness that can last for up to several weeks and exposure to water and exposure. Allowing you to rock your stylish press on nails while still freely doing your daily tasks like washing dishes, cooking, or showering without them chipping or damaging. 

  • Quick and Easy to Use
    The press on nails can effectively take your boring natural nails with gorgeous, on-trend pop of colors and gleam in a breeze without taking a step into the salon. Simply prep your nails first and clean them, choose the appropriate size of fake nail to ensure a flawless fit, apply glue or gel, then gently press it on top of your natural nail. After that, just wait for it to set, repeat until all nails are done and you're good to go. You can also get creative with it and add on some sparkly gems and mini ornaments to decorate them more. Ideal for beginners, DIYers, professional nail artists, salon, nail enthusiasts, and for those who want to step up their nails but don't have steady hands.   

  • Wide Application
    These holographic cat eye press-on can prettily blend on any outfit styles and even fashionably enhance your overall look. Suitable for everyday wear or special occasions, including parties, clubbing, date, christmas, weddings, costume ball, birthdays, holidays, and more possibilities. No worries as these DIY fake nails are also easy to remove without damaging your natural nails so you can change from style to style according to your mood.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, nail-loving material that strikes an exceptional modernized, natural-looking design and shapes with reusable durability. Each fake nail can hold out to your daily tasks or exposure to water and hot and cold temperature without easily breaking. Furthermore, these stunning press-on cat-eye nails are safe and gentle enough so you can confidently use and remove them with not a single harm on your natural nails.  


  • Size: S/M/L in 1 set
  • 1 x AEXZR™ Cat Eyes Press-on Nails

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