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Aexzr™ 24h-wear Portable Eyeliner Balm

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Aexzr™ 24h-wear Portable Eyeliner Balm

Rock on to that stunning dark-lidded eye look with just a glide of this 24-hour lasting matte eyeliner balm!

This pigment-rich kajal eyeliner promotes a mess-free, intensely pigmented color payoff in a single stroke with a gorgeous deep matte finish. Allowing you to create that alluringly enlarged, smokey outline eyes and a much visualized, fuller looking lashes in a breeze. What’s more? This eye beauty makeup adopts an excellent staying power and waterproof performance that withstand water, tear, rain, sebum, and sweat. Providing you that perfect, darken lids all throughout the day on any season without unwanted smudging, fading, or color transfer. Suitable for daily-wear, parties, weddings, dates, valentines, birthdays, galas, concerts, clubbing, and more possibilities.  

The long-lasting matte eyeliner supports a clever lipstick-shaped with a bullet-like tip that can be dragged along on both upper and lower lids. It even prompts a smooth, creamy texture that can glide with great ease on any skin type and eye curve. No worries as it can be swept off in less than 10 seconds without any residues or stinging using any makeup remover. Moreover, this eyeliner is so lightweight and ergonomically-designed for a more secure gripping and well-controlled strokes. It is also highly-portable to be carried around for a quick, sophisticated eyelook anytime, anywhere. Made with premium, all-natural gentle formula to ensure the user’s overall safety and wearing comfort!  

Give your eyes more depth and sharp, enchanting appeal using only this long-lasting natural intense matte kajal eyeliner! 


  • Easy-gliding Matte Eyeliner
    A high-grade eye beauty cosmetic that produces a fine, pigment-rich eyeliner in just a swift, single glide. It has a darker formulation which allows it to provide a much intense look with a nice matte and mess-free finish. Making the eyes more alluringly enlarged, sharper, and even helps to visualize the full eyelashes into a much darker and thicker appearance. Moreover, this special eyeliner can work to neatly outline the eye shape and get the perfect kajal wing or to smear and darken eyelids for that stunning smoky style. Great for daily-wear, regular days, or occasions like parties, weddings, dates, valentines, birthdays, galas, concerts, clubbing, and so on.

  • Ergonomic & On-the-go Design
    Features a unique lipstick-shaped and rotating style with a bullet-like tip that can be used on the upper, down or both sides of the eyes. It adopts a smooth, creamy texture that can glide easily and precisely line across the entire eyelid of different eye shapes. Furthermore, this kajal can smear ideally to the touch to deliver a better smokiness appearance and seamless blending. It is conveniently light in the hands and supplies a non-slip, ergonomic design for maximum gripping and control. This beauty eyeliner is also compact and small enough to be carried around easily and stash inside makeup kits, pouches, or bags without taking up space. Suitable for creating a quick, sophisticated eyelook or retouch anytime, anywhere you are.   
  • Long-Wearing Effect
    Supports impressive waterproof capabilities that can withstand water, tear, rain, sebum, and sweat. Providing you that stellar staying power to ensure that you can rock that flawless, smokey eye makeup all day and night long. Eliminating you from the worries and inconvenience of messy smudging, fading, and unwanted color transferring all over. Additionally, this handy eyeliner can be confidently applied on the lids and dried-off quickly to prevent unnecessary smudging once it is already set. The perfect smudge-proof smokey eye makeup arsenal with little to no retouching needed anymore!

  • Mild and Easy to Remove
    Can be also swiftly taken off the eyes in just a few swipe without the messy spreading. Simply use an oil or makeup remover and apply it to a cotton or pads, glide it gently to the eyeliner to remove, and you're all good. No more continuous back and forth scrubbing only to leave the eyes stinging with more residues behind.
  • All-Natural Formulation
    Made with high-quality, skin-friendly natural and cruelty-free formulation with a remarkable rich jet black/soft brown color and smooth application. It can provide charm to all eye shapes and is safe and gentle even for those with sensitive skin. Preventing any sort of eye discomfort, skin irritations, itchiness, and other negative reactions. This long-lasting matte kajal eyeliner is also completely odorless to ensure the user’s overall safety and health. 


  • Net content: 3g/ 0.1 oz.
  • Shelf year: 3years
  • Size: 7.5x2.5cm
  • Color: #1 Black / #2 Brown


  • 1 x 24h-wear Portable Eyeliner Balm

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